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First look at the soon-to-be-released Team Raffee Benz G-Class body.


If you’re in the market for a new transmitter and receiver that offers some of the latest technology for a decent price range look no further. Presenting the new RC4GS with an upgraded chip that computes much faster.


AxialFest will be held from July 12-16. There are only a few days left to prep. Get your last minute shopping done with our special Next Day Fedex Priority shipping.


Boom Racing's SCX10 II keyed spool and bevel gear design eliminates inherent weakness of the stock Axial gears with the three 2mm bolts.


A few helping things on what you need to know to get started in the Radio Control hobby.


Build details of two Defender D90 from the Canyon State Scale Adventures of the Boom Racing D90 Chassis and Team Raffee Defender D90 body.


Ready-To-Go ultra heavy-weight XRMod PHAT axle package, this axle set will give you the ultimate performance you're looking for in any crawler.


Boom Racing released this High Clearance Motor Mount which will increase clearance for your D90 / D110 / RC4WD Gelande II by raising the motor up.


If you are looking to get a winch and controller for your RC rig, here is a great video to show you what you need and how to install everything.


There are many new great looking 313mm wheelbase hard bodies on the market today. Boom Racing released a 313mm conversion kit for the RC4WD TF2 for new project seekers.


Introducing the new Boom Racing Lightweight Titanium Adjustable Links for the Team Losi Rock Rey.


Here are some more videos and close up pictures of the MST RMX S 2.0.


The stock AR44 gears on the Axial SCX10 II are known to be a weak point on the axle. Boom Racing releases a new heavy duty helical bevel gear & diff locker to improve on its performance.


Here's a look at the officially licensed Killerbody Nissan Skyline GTR R34 1/10 195mm lexan clear body.

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